PT. Cakra Bisma Rekarayasa is a company that engaged in the supply of standardized international products to deal with visible and invisible CBRNE threats. We have an R&D team that always monitors technological developments in the field of security and defense so that all the equipment we provide can be relied on, especially to face all types of threats.

Knowledge & Technology

We monitor the developments of technology and improve our knowledge continuously. With our in-depth knowledge about security and defense technology, we can provide comprehensive solutions to our business partners.

Detection, Identification and Decontamination

Detection of any materials with chemical, biological, radiological, explosive or even metallic elements is the first step of threat prevention. It followed by identification to ensure the results of the initial detection and then it ends with a decontamination process and taming explosive materials.

Personnel Protection

The security of the detection and identification operator are highly prioritized so that the initial objectives can be achieved. Our equipment is able to protect them from the threat of CBRNE threats as well as physical attack from humans.

System Monitoring and Integration

Speed and accuracy in deciding the next step require integration between equipment in the field. This is needed to support a comprehensive monitoring system and reduce the time of decision making.

Special and Supporting Devices

To support all of the above processes, operational support equipment both on land, water and air is necessary. Land robot is one of them. This robot can replace human participation in a very urgent momen as well as dangerous situation.