Special and Supporting Devices

To support all of the above processes, operational support equipment both on land, water and air is necessary. Land robot is one of them. This robot can replace human participation in a very urgent momen as well as dangerous situation.

Robot Zeus

Gone are the days when teams would use 2 different CIED and EOD robots, one for simple reconnaissance and another for specific tasks. Now all those roles can be fulfilled with 1 platform.

Hook and Line System

It has developed an extensive range of Hook and Line equipment to ensure that the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Operator is able to safely, quickly and efficiently conduct semi-remote actions whilst on operations.

EOD Backpack System

Designed for a typical two men EOD team, in a light scales role, it provides a significant sustainable capability, while minimizing weight and bulk. This allows the team to carry an EOD capability in addition to normal field equipment.

Backpack Carrying System

This backpack system integrated fully with our range of Hook & Line equipment, and can be selected to store and carry any of our standard equipment ranges, or used as a base to configure a bespoke Hook & Line solution.

Telescopic Manipulator

Now manufactured from a fully telescopic carbon fibre pole, the new design is stronger and lighter, and can be adjusted to a much greater degree to  increase its operational capability.

Drag Hook Command Wire Finder

Drag hook command wire finder is a purpose made device used to search for buried command wire initiated IEDs. It is used to drag through a range of environments, from long grass, to stones and sand, to riverbeds, and compacted ground and paths.

Search Mirror

Manufacture a range of equipment to support your search tasks. Here you will find a wide range of search mirrors, from the large wheeled under vehicle search mirror right down to the pocket sized ‘safe C’ search mirror.

Search Kits

It has the ability to prepare this for you contained within a variety of case options from a simple rigid case, soft fabric case or backpack.

Personal Mine Extraction Kit

This small kit contains all the essential tools to extract from a minefield should you find yourself caught within one unexpectedly.

Vehicle Mine Extraction Kit

It is a larger version of the Personal Mine Extraction Kit, used for extraction from vehicles.

Proper Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE) or Weapons Technical Intelligence (WTI) fuels the intelligence-operations cycle and may quickly answer the commander’s critical information requirements and assist in the criminal prosecution of detainees.